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Who were the Ace sisters?

Posted: 08.03.21 by Beth Thomas Local Features

This International Women’s Day, Mumbles Nub News is celebrating some historical women from the Mumbles area. This week, we look into who the h...

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The mysterious village buried just off Mumbles Head

Posted: 26.02.21 by Beth Thomas Local Features

Does Mumbles have its very own version of Atlantis? There is evidence to suggest that land, now submerged in Swansea Bay, existed beyond Mumbles H...

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The company turning Mumbles’ telephone cabinets into vibrant murals

Posted: 25.02.21 by Beth Thomas Local Features

If you have walked around Mumbles recently, you probably noticed that many of the telephone cabinets around the village have been given a facelift. ...

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Do you remember the Mumbles Mile?

Posted: 23.02.21 by Beth Thomas Local Features

In days gone by, the infamous Mumbles Mile once brought people to the village in their droves. For many Mumbles residents, the seafront stretch of ...

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REWIND: The history behind the iconic Big Apple

Posted: 17.02.21 by Beth Thomas Local Features

From Oystermouth Castle to its iconic lighthouse, Mumbles is steeped in history and filled with buildings and structures of great importance. Some ...

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The Serpent: Producer explains why you should see the hit series

Posted: 13.02.21 by Lottie Welch Local Features

Crime drama series, The Serpent, has proved a great success since it came to our screens in January. But the man who produced the hit TV series advise...

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“We have an incredible tourism offer right here on our doorstep”

Posted: 13.02.21 by VisitBritain CEO Sally Balcombe Local Features

VisitBritain CEO Sally Balcombe writes for Nub News. As we approach the February half term, a time when many of us would usually have been looking ...

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Where to get your food in Mumbles this Valentine’s Day

Posted: 11.02.21 by Beth Thomas Local Features

Valentine’s Day will look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with some good food from the cafés and restau...

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How did Mumbles get its name?

Posted: 10.02.21 by Beth Thomas Local Features

Have you ever wondered where Mumbles got its unusual place name? Mumbles has been noted for its somewhat unusual place name – but where ...

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The importance of our many varied communities - What makes Home Sweet Home for travel legend Joanna Lumley

Posted: 07.01.21 by The Editor Local Features

Much-loved actress and national icon Joanna Lumley - like Nub News - shares a love of visiting and highlighting local communities across the countr...

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