NEXU - Intelligent Sharing

We all make recommendations, so why not get paid for them...?

NEXU connects people to businesses by harnessing the power in word-of-mouth recommendations.

Businesses get free advertising and only pay on results, which in these challenging times is a fantastic way to generate sales and get new customers.

The concept is simple, we all know that word-of-mouth recommendations are the best form of advertising… but how do you harness them? NEXU allows everyone to become mini-influencers... recommending products and services and when they generate sales, the fee paid to NEXU is used to reward them for helping you grow.

People can browse offers, buy what they love and share what they like to friends using all the major social and chat platforms... if their shares generate a sale, they can earn money.

For businesses it’s super simple to use NEXU, they can join for free, add their business and create an offer in under ten minutes. They control their offers in real time, deciding what to sell, when and how many. NEXU easily lets companies activate their network so that clients, customers and friends can easily share their offers, motivated by the opportunity to be rewarded.

You can see short explainer videos at:

It’s important to point out, that as a marketplace, NEXU isn’t a discount platform, we don’t want businesses to devalue their products, services or brand… they decide the offers they want, decide the price, control when it's online or offline and even decide the fee they pay! The minimum is 10% which is a cheap CPA (Cost Per Acquisition of new customers), but the more they choose to pay, the more they reward people and the more excitement they generate. It’s fair marketing that’s designed to help businesses and reward people for supporting their community.

Think of NEXU as an introduction service, to bring companies extra business and more importantly, new customers. Businesses only pay the fee on the offers they sell through NEXU, everything else the person buys is directly with them.

NEXU’s marketplace will also promote offers to bring additional business.

As part of our ethos of sharing, we want to pay people for helping us grow, so if people use NEXU to invite companies to join us, we have a ‘Business Introduction Commission’ which is a great way for people to earn a passive income by simply introducing businesses to NEXU.

After five years in the making, a successful crowdfunding campaign, a complete rebuild, I’m launching in the Mumbles and South West area (I live in Langland), offering early adopters no joining fee and no monthly fees forever! NEXU will bring free advertising, extra online presence and businesses will only pay on results, so there is nothing to risk and everything to gain.

It's a marketing revolution to empower the people and help local communities by giving true value in friend-to-friend promotions of something they love and want to see succeed.

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